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Venus Voretrap :icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 3 2
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(Art Trade) Deer Xing :icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 0 0
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(Art Trade) Werewolf of Elmer :icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 0 0
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(Gift) The Guardian of Jewels :icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 1 4
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Vermythe The Blind Bio (Warhammer)
Full Name: Vermythe The Blind
Gender: Male
Species: Skaven
Class: Skaven Assassin
Age: 10 (half of a Skaven’s presumed life expectancy)
Birthplace: SkavenBlight
Affiliations: (former) Clan Eshin
Religion / Deity: The Horned Rat
Mission(s): To find the Skaven who betrayed him and exact his revenge
Figure / Build: Average Skaven build
Hair Style / Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Skin / Scales / Etc. Color: Black fur, Tan for skin tone
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos, Scars, Accessories, Etc.): Slashed eyes, three tails, bite-mark on right ear
Attire: Shabby rags wrapped around eyes, black cloak hanging over back and shoulders, gray clothe covering everything else under cloak, some straps and a belt for holding supplies and weapons
Weapons: Two Weeping Blades, A set of Poisoned Throwing Stars, A pair of Fighting Claws, Actual Claws, Teeth, Tails
Personality: Does not have a ‘true’ Skaven personality (paranoid, selfish, petty, backstabbing, etc.); Quiet, Wary, Violent, Calm
:icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 2 0
Nasha Bio
Full Name: ‘Nasha’
Nickname(s) or Alias: ‘Floating Death’
Gender: Unknown
Species: Portuguese Man O’ War Jellyfish
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Nationality / Accent: Unknown / N/A
Career / Job: Vigilante
Height: 6’ on the ground, 8’ floating
Weight: About the weight of a Balloon (full of various organic gases)
Figure / Build: Tall, Lanky, ‘Ghostly’
Hair Style / Color: Air-filled Mohawk / Clear Blue-ish tint
Facial Hairstyle: N/A
Eye Color: ‘Eyes’ are small white dots that can be seen within the darkness of Nasha’s jacket
Fur/Scales/Etc. Color: Clear Blue-ish throughout crest cap with a slight purple tint at the top of the ‘mohawk’. All tentacles (both arms and the multiple legs) are all a dark blue with a dark purple along the frilled edges, Speaks with an echo, refers to self as ‘Us, Our, We’, etc.
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos, Scars, Accessories, Etc.): Tiny white ‘eyes’ pe
:icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 1 0
Mira Jones Bio
Full Name: Mira Jones
Nickname(s) or Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Royal Red Shrimp
Age: 24
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality / Accent: North American / None
Career / Job: Hair Stylist
Height: 4’7’’
Weight: 68 lbs.
Figure / Build: Small, Light, “Shrimpy” for lack of a better term
Hair Style / Color:  Ponytail with short bangs / Copper
Facial Hairstyle: Two long antenna under nose like a mustache
Eye Color: Brown
Fur/Scales/Etc. Color:  Dark red Chitin/Shell, Lighter red on her undersides
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos, Scars, Accessories, Etc.): Two long antenna at the end of her face, little scissor-like claws for hands, 12 thin legs (6 on each side), thick and flat tail (almost like a lobster tail) with a little curl at the end, Flat chested, Upper body is normal her lower body is much more shrimp like (almost like a shrimp centaur)
Attire: Green apron covering most of torso and front of abdomen, White t-shirt behind the apron, Floral ski
:icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 1 0
Lemmy Anders Bio
Full Name: Lemmy Anders
Nickname(s) or Alias: Lemonade
Gender: Male
Species: Rosy Maple Moth
Age: 24
Sexuality: Homosexual
Nationality / Accent: French / French
Career / Job: Waiter (but dresses as a Waitress)
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 134 lbs.
Figure / Build: Feminine, Small / Lean
Hair Style / Color: N/A
Facial Hairstyle:  Face fluff
Eye Color: Blue
Fur/Scales/Etc. Color: Pink and yellow Fur
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos, Scars, Accessories, Etc.): Long yellow antennae, big blue bug eyes, fluffy pink fur with yellow splotches, large and fluffy pink wings with yellow dots, most of face covered by fur, four arms, long thorax
Attire: At work a diner waitress’ attire (tight fitting yellow dress with a white apron), when off duty usually any matching top with a tight black mini-skirt
Personality: Girly, Sweet, Shy, Bashful, Wet Blanket (sometimes), Spazz (sometimes)
Likes: Cute Boys, Dressing as a girl, Silence, The moon, Reading, Sweet drinks
Dislikes: Parties, A
:icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 1 0
Richie Bio (Persona)
Full Name: Richie
Nickname(s) or Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Panda Bear
Age: 21
Sexuality: Heterosexual (but has Bisexual tendencies here and there)
Nationality / Accent: American / N/A
Career / Job: Amateur Fanfic Writer
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 225 lbs.
Figure / Build: Average height, very chubby / Chubby
Hair Style / Color: Short and curly / Brown
Facial Hairstyle: Small brown goatee
Eye Color: Brown
Fur/Scales/Etc. Color: Silver fur with black spots
Distinguishing Marks (Tattoos, Scars, Accessories, Etc.): Black rimmed glasses, Small brown goatee
Attire: Light purple t-shirt, brown cargo shorts, red shoes
Personality: Goofy, Friendly, Playful, Kinda Bashful, Obnoxious (at times), Annoying (at times)
Likes: Marshmallows, Video games, Friends, Pizza, Physical contact, Things bigger than him (such as vehicles, animals, or people), Things smaller than him (such as bugs, food, and models) Chilling, Reading
Dislikes: Haters, Work, Responsibility, Worrying, Anxiety, No
:icongutwiggy:GutWiggy 0 0


Pheromosa by Sol-Lar-Bink Pheromosa :iconsol-lar-bink:Sol-Lar-Bink 94 23 ~Surprise Pants Pull~ by R-MK
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~Surprise Pants Pull~ :iconr-mk:R-MK 407 51
Nihilego plays with Legos by Sol-Lar-Bink Nihilego plays with Legos :iconsol-lar-bink:Sol-Lar-Bink 83 13 Syn's Snack (Flat Color Comm.) by KyuDude
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At the Feet of the Crust Cousins (Tiff Crust) :iconrtuenuik2:rtuenuik2 62 9
THE PIZZA, HE-MAN. EAT IT! :iconzeurel:Zeurel 2,595 241
Giantess Draw - Haydee #3 by Colonel-Gabbo Giantess Draw - Haydee #3 :iconcolonel-gabbo:Colonel-Gabbo 399 34 Yanno chub by Trinity-Fate
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Yanno chub :icontrinity-fate:Trinity-Fate 1,159 38
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Wow I haven't made a post since a week or so after my dad passed away and yesterday was Father's Day...that is kind of surreal. Anyways how is everyone? I have been around lurking, gathering up some favorites, this past semester was a real busy one for me but I have been planning on getting back into writing for fun and planning many things with :icondarz213: and :iconkyudude: for trades and commissions. I really want to get my own sort of characters going, I love making characters for all the various role playing games I do with my friends but I really want to make some more nsfw ones and characters people will fall in love with! Fictional characters keep me going, seriously I do not know where I would be without the various guys and gals of imagination telling me I'm doing a good job on something (oh that sounds nuts out loud).

If I have seemed distant or just 'absent' I wanna apologize, life has just been hectic for me I even recently started playing  video games again. I picked up more hours at work since it is the summer so like all of my free time is: Friends, Games, Warhammer stuff, Mowing the lawn, etc. 

I even picked up an audio recorder to keep an audio diary, something I think will be very useful for helping me reflect on the past and to get my thoughts out (as of late talking has just been a struggle, I either stutter or mutter what I wanna say,  I think I bonked my head too many times lol).

I need to start exercising regularly again I am getting too fat lol. But yeah, gotta write, gotta eat right, gotta game, gotta give out love and good vibes to everyone. Gotta keep being me. So I guess this was a "I'm not entirely dead" post, if anyone was keeping track. And if you were, thank you so very much.

Have a great day!
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  • Watching: Impractical Jokers
  • Playing: The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age (PS2)
  • Eating: Veggie Omelette
  • Drinking: Water


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I like writing and making friends!


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